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Our mission began over a decade ago.


in the Silicon Valley in early 2007 out of a strong desire to deliver world-class technology solutions to clients looking for something different. Something better. Something they were not able to achieve on their own.

That desire quickly turned into a demonstrated capability – building technologies that both excite and delight the end customer while delivering the right solution for the needs of our clients. And along the way that experience has led us to develop tools to iterate faster and produce final results more efficiently.

In other words, we’re making good on our promise to turn our clients’ raw ideas into real, usable, and enjoyable software experiences.

So when we say that we can help you move your projects beyond the ordinary to become truly extraordinary, we mean it – backed by our hands-on, in-the-trenches, ever-evolving work experience across a broad base of industries and applications.

“We’re all about bringing a team approach to every project, solving the problems that inherently keep apps from being killer apps.”

Steve Ansell
Co-founder & CTO
Phase 2 Industries

The next phase of evolved development is here.


These are the essential ingredients that power our client projects and enable us to achieve success in building out software applications.

Collectively they help us create significant value for our clients, designing and delivering apps that make much more of an impact than originally planned.

And it all starts at the top with our two co-founders, who are the primary drivers of our success.

We thought you’d like to know a little bit more about them, as they directly influence our entire organization and every client project we work on.

Steve Schalkhauser

Co-founder & CEO

With over 20 years of software management and development experience, Steve brings a proven track record for developing innovative mobile, Web and retail products – on-time and on-budget – to every client project at Phase 2. During his career he has managed distributed development teams and multiple simultaneous software projects (and business relationships) for our clients, which makes him the perfect hands-on CEO for our company.

Steve’s technology experience includes: iOS and tvOS mobile apps; Android mobile apps; native desktop apps for Windows and Mac platforms; server-side Java apps; and PHP/JavaScript Web apps.

If there’s a technology needed in order to better build a software application, Steve has most likely utilized it, and he is always on the hunt for the next-gen software development tools that can further enhance and evolve the projects driven by Phase 2.  

As one of our clients recently noted, “Steve is one of the best all-around software engineers I’ve ever worked with.  There’s no wasted time or money when working with Steve, as he always finds a way to make things happen very efficiently, and do them well.”

Steve Ansell

Co-founder & CTO

A technologist with broad industry experience spanning over 20 years of software development and technical management, Steve has worked on a diverse range of products including enterprise system software, online gaming and Web services, plus desktop applications, mobile software, and embedded consumer electronics technologies.

Steve has been a software innovator throughout his career, with numerous patents to his name. He loves learning new technologies, and has a true passion for finding practical solutions to problems utilizing best-fit tools that help bring production-ready software apps to market.

His specialties include Web, mobile and desktop software, is highly-proficient using JavaScript, HTML5 and AngularJS, and is skilled in Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Unix development.

One of our clients noted this about Steve: “Steve is a brilliant, get-it-done software engineer and he’s my go-to guy for solving some of the toughest requirements I’ve ever come up with, and he never ceases to amaze me.”

Experience matters.
So experience Phase 2 for yourself.


the way you do – creatively, collaboratively, and convincingly – and can make your software development product that much better.

So start accelerating the business of building your next killer app by starting with Phase 2 Industries as your trusted development consulting partner.

Together, we can create memorable digital experiences.