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We’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of OnStar projects/products for GM, most of which are internal facing or intended for dealers. Two projects in particular are good examples of our working relationship and what we helped them accomplish.

Vehicle Radio Simulators
Using P2UX (our custom web-based app design tool), we designed several vehicle radio simulators that ran on tablet devices (iOS/Android). The simulators replicated the functionality of a variety of GM radios including the ability to simulate pairing Bluetooth devices, audio playback, and connected phone features.

By using the P2UX platform, we were able to quickly build applications that looked and felt just like the actual radios. GM was also able to experiment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrations with their radios using the simulators as they were able to replicate those environments.

Creating these simulators helped them save money by not needing physical test benches or vehicles for training purposes or trade shows.

Mobile Application Playground
Using P2UX, we created a mobile application ideation playground that allowed for prototyping new designs for GM’s Android and iOS mobile app. Designers at GM working with Phase 2 were able to create designs that could be tested on real mobile devices that worked with the actual car data. It wasn’t just a static design prototype, but instead functional applications that became the model for the final application. These prototypes were used for auto shows and demonstrations ahead of the release of the final application. The program built around these applications is still being used to try out new service integrations with their mobile applications and test these ideas out as part of private beta programs. P2UX allowed us to create these functional applications in a third of the time with a fraction of the resources proposed by their internal engineering organizations. Since P2UX based applications can be updated without the need for updating application binaries, we were able to quickly push new ideas and changes to the user interface for use by the private beta users. Plus the built-in analytics gave GM feedback on how the apps were being used.

SOPHOS – Next-Gen Network Security

Sophos is a security software and hardware company that develops a wide range of products for communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security, mobile security, and unified threat management. Their global headquarters is located in Great Britain with offices all around the world, including several in North America.

We were brought in to quickly create an application that could integrate the Sophos backend services with an easy-to-use application UI for their ‘Sophos Home’ line of business-grade products. These products help protect Mac and PC users at home from malware, viruses, ransomware, and inappropriate websites, using the same award-winning and user-friendly technology that is built into their enterprise solutions.

The project involved integrating a web-based user interface with a natively written MacOS application shell and menu bar functionality, thereby giving users control over their Sophos security product.

Our experienced team integrated with their existing Windows development group to provide architectural guidance and create a very easy-to-maintain application within a very short time frame.

DTS – Dynamic Listening Technology Solutions

For the past 25+ years, DTS has been dedicated to pioneering audio solutions for mobile devices, home theater systems, and cinemas, providing incredibly high-quality, immersive, and engaging audio experiences to listeners everywhere. We’ve recently worked on two projects for DTS, both of which were mobile applications used for demonstrations of DTS multi-dimensional audio (MDA) technology.

MDA Director

We worked with DTS to use iPads as a remote control for their 3D sound environment that was integrated with video.

The application let users visualize individual sounds sources they were hearing as they watched the video and those sound locations in a room. Additionally, users could then manipulate the sound environment by moving the sound sources around the space, remove them, or add additional sources.

Using a game engine based interface, we created a very visually exciting and unique way to interact with their 3D sound technology. Our team provided guidance for the system architecture and network protocol, as well as visual design and implementation of the iOS application.

Speaker Configuration Tool

As a companion to the MDA Director application setup, we wrote an AR-based (Augmented Reality) application to help locate (and relocate) the positions of the speakers in a room based on the listener’s location.

Built for iOS, the application used the devices’ camera and sensors to determine the angle and approximate distance to speakers. This information helped quickly setup 3D sound spaces for use with their MDA Director demonstrations.

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Micah Stroud
Senior Product Manager
Sony – PlayStation Network

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