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as it was when we founded Phase 2 Industries in 2007: we aim to become an integrated part of our clients’ team during the development process.  This allows for fast take-up of the product essentials needed to be completely in-sync all along the road to final delivery.

Our agile, talented in-house team draws from their deep technology expertise and software industry best practices to visualize, scope, create, manage, build, test, and deliver the applications needed by our clients – on schedule and on budget.

The core services we offer include:

Software & Technology Consulting

We turn your dreams into realizable software applications that meet and exceed your end user needs.

Application Design & Development

From back-of-the-napkin idea iterations to production-ready, connected apps for mobile, Web and desktop, we can help you build it – and build it right – across all devices and platforms


Productization & Deployment

Be it native or hybrid, we expertly prepare your products for all deployments – customer delivery, internal distribution, or via online app stores.

“No matter what stage your idea is in or where you’re at with app development, if you can dream it, we can help you build it.”

Steve Schalkhauser
Co-founder & CEO
Phase 2 Industries

Put your great idea in the hands of the right people


software and technology consulting services firm who can scale quickly to handle big projects. We offer a team approach to everything we do. And we never, ever outsource your project off-shore.

To help our case for why you should consider Phase 2 Industries for your next software application project, let us outline the work phases that usually take place when we work with our clients.

Listening & Learning

Each client engagement starts the same way – by actively listening to you. Whether you need help turning your product requirements into implementable engineering specs or determining which technology is best suited for your product idea, you have a fairly good idea of what you’re looking to accomplish. We then apply industry best practices and our own core competencies to help you make an informed decision on where to go and how best to get there.

Idea Generation & Iteration

Once we better understand your vision and business goals for your application, we then help you develop a winning strategy that successfully moves your product from concept to completion. During this phase we evaluate the various objectives and desires that you share with us, while examining the competitive landscape and available technologies, so as to have a more comprehensive view of the project. And along the way, we’ll share back with you our ideas for how to make your app that much better.

Quality Assurance Testing

So that your software application is released bug-free, we deploy an extensive testing plan – integrated directly into the development process – which assures top-notch quality before we certify that it’s market-ready. We not only track all reported bugs but take and incorporate your feedback throughout the process, working together collaboratively to get the job done and done right.

Development & Prototyping

Whether it’s an iOS® or Android™ app on the mobile side or a web-based custom-cloud platform, we’ve got you covered. We use the latest technologies and our own proprietary tools, leveraging our experience to get things moving. We also have our own mobile application building technology – called P2UX – that gives us the ability to turn around quick, functional prototypes that then lead to real apps.


UI & UX Design

Utilizing our experience and those industry best practices that are applicable to your specific project, we establish with you the ultimate user experience.  Then we drive the project management and design of the user interface that aligns with and complements that desired end result. From wireframes to the eventual “wow” experience, we make sure your app stands out from the crowd for its ease of use and its usability, all of which delights you and your end users.

Delivering Delight

At Phase 2, we take delight in walking with our clients – every step of the way – to bring their apps to market. In the end the app we deliver does indeed move past the ordinary to become extraordinary. Doing so on-time, on-budget, and on-the-money for what the market truly needs and wants.

BTW, we also offer post-launch maintenance and support services so that your app continues to stay healthy and – as intended – take the market by storm.

“These guys are fearless, and no challenge is beyond them. They ‘get it’, and have seen and tackled most of the issues that anyone is going to face. They listen, learn, and clarify project specs upfront so that we all know what we’re looking to accomplish.”

Dan Kinney
Director, Business Systems
& User Experience
General Motors

Ready to turn your ideas into realities?


software development and technology consulting services is what we do, and we feel we do it really well. As evidence of this, we invite you to browse the project examples we have included on our site. And then when you’re ready, we’d love to hear from you as to what your next project is all about.